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How AdSella Works

AdSella makes it easy to buy and sell ad space.

Selling Ad Space

Sell ad space on your website with one line of html and no javascript required. We've simplified the process while providing maximum flexibility.
  1. Define your ad block. Webmasters have complete control over their unsold ad space. Define the background color, text color, width, height, location, and default text of your ad space block. Set your price and the number of days a buyer's ad would run for.
  2. Grab the code. Paste one line of code to your website where the ad space is available.
  3. Set up your PayPal. Your PayPal business account email is all that's needed to get paid.
  4. Your ad block will appear for sale on your website and in the AdSella directory. When someone clicks on your ad space, they can purchase the ad space on the spot and upload their creative.

Buying Ad Space

Buy ad space on sites you choose instantly.
  1. Click an AdSella ad block on a site you like.
  2. Upload your creative and specify a URL.
  3. Your ad goes live as soon as your PayPal payment is processed.