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Make More with AdSella

With the introduction of the Osrow Marketplace, you can also sell scripts, app source code, and templates. Plus, if you have skills to offer, you can sell services like graphic design, writing, and coding. Create your AdSella Portfolio »



AdSella has lot of community features, like user pages and in-site messaging. Look for updated forums coming soon!


Thousands of Users

Established in 2010, AdSella has thousands of registered users. Payments and payouts are handled securely through PayPal and Stripe


Open a Portfolio

Sell across one or more channels in the AdSella Marketplace. Open a Portfolio »

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Selling Ad Space is Easy

1. Open a Portfolio

To get started with selling ad space (or anything else in the marketplace), you need to create an AdSella Portfolio. Sign up when you're ready.

2. Provide a Few Details

Give your portfolio a name, provide some basic details about yourself, and set up your payment details. You can use PayPal or Stripe. Payouts are instant.

3. Add Inventory

For each ad block you want to sell, create an inventory item. AdSella lets you use custom size, width, background color, text color, and default text. So unsold ad blocks look the way you want them to look.

4. Copy our Code

Once you have inventory, you'll see a few lines of code to copy to your site. There is a meta tag to verify your site ownership, a reference to javascript we host, and then some HTML to paste into your site.

5. Your Ad Blocks Appear

Your ad blocks appear for sale on your site. When buyers click a space they like, they go to AdSella where they can purchase it... And you get paid. Our code won't slow your site; it loads after your page does.

6. AdSella Hosts Ads

When someone buys your ad, they upload their creative through AdSella. AdSella runs the ad for the duration you've defined. Ad buyers can also change their ad creative through AdSella while they own the ad space.