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The AdSella Marketplace

Established in 2010 as a marketplace for ad space buyers and sellers, AdSella has evolved in almost every way. Today, AdSella extends its ad space marketplace to app source code, scripts, templates and services.

When it comes to ad space technology, our ad block code lets sellers create ad inventory that matches their site's style. Sellers can control ad block size, color, and even default text. Our simple code won't slow sites, loading only after the core page content does. And AdSella charges one of the lowest commission rates in the industry at just 15%. As always, AdSella hosts actual ad content and makes it easy for customers to purchase and revise their creative, simplifying the experience for both buyers and sellers.

If you have or are looking to buy app source code, scripts, or templates, AdSella makes that easy, too. Sellers list their items for free and pay only when they sell. Sellers get paid when they sell, less AdSella's commission. AdSella supports instant downloads for sellers who would rather not fulfill their orders manually. Meanwhile, our one-page checkout makes it easy for buyers to pay.

AdSella has a growing community of writers, designers, and coders. Sellers can list their services in the marketplace and provide quotes for proposals they receive. Buyers can browse service providers and find the perfect writer, designer, or coder for their project!